Fall Season Rates

Nor Cal Dance Arts is proud to offer some of the Bay Area's best training, staff, and performance teams. 

We do all this at the best possible rates and offer a multi student discount.

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Reminder! Monthly tuition must be paid by the 5th of every month. No dancer will be allowed to take class if he/she is out of classes.  
The Monthly tuition rate remains the same each month regardless of how many weeks are in the month.  
Just as we will not charge you more for the months with 5 weeks, we will not subtract for the months with 3 weeks.


1.    All Teen Adult classes are considered open and on-going, except when noted or when  restricted by a teacher. All Youth classes are considered registered only and on-going, except when noted or when restricted by a teacher.
2.    A Class Set is for a specific number of classes, and for a specific amount of time. It is  valid  for  permitted open classes and for teen adult classes does not represent a Set of classes with any one specific teacher, as these sessions may involve a different fee depending on the session. 
3.    Payment is due before taking class. We will pull students out of class if they do not have any classes left in their Class Set.
4.    Be mindful of Class Set expiration dates. We do not notify dancers when their classes have expired. 
5.    No extensions, transfers, credits or refunds. 
6.    We do not notify individual dancers when a teacher becomes unavailable to teach their class. 
7.    To take class participant's must be registered and have a valid Class Set
8.    We recommend arriving at least twenty minutes before your first class to register. 
9.    You can also register prior to your arrival by completing a Registration & Release Form, including your payment, and mailing or faxing to NCDA. 
10. Payment is accepted in U.S. currency, by check (US accounts only), Money Order, 
       Debit Cards (EFT), MasterCard and Visa. There is a $25 service charge for returned checks. 
11. For your convenience, we offer a drop-payment service. Once you are registered you can purchase another Class Set by placing your payment in our special envelope, completing your information and dropping it in the payment slot. We will process your payment while you or you child is in class and you can pick-up your change and receipt after you're done. 
12. Sign-in before each class at our Front Desk. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. If we cannot read your name we may have to disturb you in class. 
13. Discounts are not available for unpaid and overdue classes that are charged at the single class rate. 
14. The teacher's allow a grace period of 10 minutes from when the class starts to change your mind and not get charged for the class. The dancer is responsible for crossing your name off the sign-in sheet. After ten minutes have passed no names can be crossed off the sign-in sheets. 
15. Dancers arriving more than 15 minutes late to class must have the permission of the teacher to join the class. 
16. If you have already sign-in for class and decide not to take the class within the grace period, draw a single line through your name on the class register. Do not make your name unreadable or we will not be able to make a correction if the class was already posted to your Class Set. 
17. Studios A and C have observation windows. We recommend dancers audit a class before participating. We do not credit or refund classes. 
18. Dancers under the age of 13 are considered Youth Program students who must attend their registered class regularly and must pay their monthly tuition on the 1st of the month.  Exceptional dancers under the age of 13 who want to take teen adult classes must have the teacher's permission  to attend.
19. Youth Program Tuition is charged by a fixed monthly rate depending upon how many classes the student is registered in regardless of the number of weeks in the month.
19. Our Teen Adult class teachers determine the number of dancers allowed in their class. Teachers may restrict and put a limit on attendance. 
20. NO FOOD, GUM OR OPEN LIQUID CONTAINERS allowed inside the studios. 
21. NO POWDER OR TALC ON THE FLOORS. Be careful when using body oils and lotions, for they can transfer to the classroom floors and make them slick. 
22. Please bring a towel or mat to class to avoid your body perspiration making the floor damp or wet. Report all damp or wet areas on any floor immediately to the teacher and NCDA. Avoid this area and do not dance on any damp or wet area. 
23. Turn off all ring tones on phones and pagers while in class. 
24. Observers are not allowed in the studios at any time. 
      THE STUDIOS. May not photograph or video class. See our front desk for more information. 
26. THE WRITING OF DANCE NOTES (DANCE NOTATION OF ANY KIND) OF ANY CLASS IS PROHIBITED, except when the teacher has given permission and notified NCDA. 
27. DO NOT LEAVE DANCE BAGS or any other personal item in the lobby or restrooms. NCDA and the teacher's are not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items. 
28. Personal items such as clothing and shoes are placed in the LOST and FOUND bins which will be emptied every two weeks. 
29. Report all accidents and injuries to the teacher and our staff at the front desk immediately. All accidents and injuries must have an accident report issued. 
30. Nor Cal Dance Arts reserves the right to refuse service. 
31. Loitering is prohibited.

32. Late fees are applied monthly at 3% and then 6% after 90 days.
33. LIABILITY DISCLAIMER - Nor Cal Dance Arts and the teacher's are not liable for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to personal property. Each student may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform the teacher of any personal limitations you may have. If you have any doubt to your physical abilities, please consult with your physician before participating.

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