More information about this season can be found in our Season 13 Welcome Packet.  Download it here or pick up your

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Class Descriptions:

Parents and Toddlers (ages walking - 2) 45 minutes

Parents, if your little toddler is full of energy, it's time for you to share some physical time in a fun and exciting movement education class. These little movers are taught to explore basic motor skills through movement, music, and props while they bond with their parent and socialize with other kids.

Toddlers Tumbling (Parent and Child) ages walking - 2 years old, 45 minutes

Our little tumblers are taught to explore basic motor skills through basic tumbling exercises, music, and props while they bond with their parent and socialize with other kids.  

Tumble Time (ages 3-4) 45 minutes

Tumble Time is a fun and energetic class incorporating basic tumbling skills, as well as taking directions, and developing musicality and coordination. The goals for this class are to release energy and creativity, and to gain flexibility and strength all while having a fun learning experience. This class incorporates fun age appropriate music, and props. 

Creative Dance (ages 3-4) 45 minutes

Creative Dance is a fun class for our youngest dancers. This class focuses on exploring the dancer’s own creativity while adding an introduction to basic Ballet vocabulary and movements. Young dancers will learn Ballet movements such as basic positions and center barre technique, to follow directions and develop musicality and coordination. The goal is to provide a healthy, positive, and fun experience to stimulate a growing love of dance. This class incorporates fun age appropriate music, and props. 

Combo Class Tap/Ballet (ages 3-4) 45 minutes

Instilling the love for dance through a fun and creative class while introducing basic Ballet and Tap vocabularies. The dancers will gain a wide knowledge of the basic ballet and tap techniques which will help them progress to other classes in our youth program.  

Creative Dance Too (ages 4-5) 45 minutes - must have taken Creative Dance already.

In CDToo the dancers will continue their introduction of basic Ballet vocabulary through more advanced center barre work which will better prepare them for our Little Ballerinas and Primary Ballet classes. Each dancer will be encouraged to explore their own creativity, coordination and musicality. This class incorporates fun age appropriate music, and props.

Little Ballerinas (ages 5-6) 1 hour

Our ballerinas in training will learn basic ballet terminology and technique in a fun and positive environment.  Understanding and accomplishing the movements in this class will prepare them for our youth ballet program.  

Tumble Stars (ages 5-6) 1 hour

Young tumblers will continue their introduction of basic Tumbling skills as well as progress to developing more complex skills. This class incorporates fun age appropriate music, and props.

Combo Class Tap/Jazz/Ballet (ages 5-6) 1 hour

Instilling the love for dance through a fun and creative class focusing on rhythm and technique, while introducing basic Ballet,Tap, and Jazz vocabularies. The dancers will gain a wide knowledge of the basic ballet, jazz, and tap techniques which will help them progress to other classes in our youth program. This class incorporates fun age appropriate music, and props.

HIP HOP (Intro, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) - A high-energy class incorporating Hip Hop choreography, and foundational techniques such as popping, locking, and break dancing.  Dancers will learn movement influenced by some of today’s hottest music video choreography to popular rap, R&B and pop music. Dancer’s will be encouraged to develop their own personal style through freestyle movement and picking up choreography. These classes will help build confidence and performance quality in the students along with giving them the opportunity to develop their own personal style. 

BALLET (Primary, A, B, C, D, Pointe) Classes will be divided by age.  Our new location will house a new and improved Ballet program.  The program includes classes for beginning-advanced level dancers. Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance, with an emphasis on proper body alignment, technique, poise, and balance. It fosters not only an awareness of line, but also increases flexibility and tones and strengthens the body. The knowledge of Ballet will also transfer into all other forms of dance.  Additional attention is given to musicality, movement quality and anatomically correct work.

JAZZ (Intro, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) - Fun, upbeat style of dance. Jazz teaches the development of flexibility and control through the use of isolations, turns, and progression combinations. Students learn traditional Jazz vocabulary in a fun and engaging class. Through learning combinations and choreography, including jumps, turns and various energetic leaps, students explore rhythm, coordination, and begin to develop their own personal style.. Energetic popular music is used for this class. Previous Ballet technique is recommended. 

Contemporary & Lyrical (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) - Are expressive dance forms combining ballet technique with jazz and modern style. These classes are for dancers who like physical complicated choreography, and self-expression. Dancers will utilize their technique while learning choreography and developing their own personal style which will enhance their overall performance. Elements of improvisation are also introduced.  Lyrical and Contemporary require a pre-requisite of ballet and/or jazz technique.  

Acro Classes (Intro, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) - Acro classes are for the innate tumbler in every child.  These classes develop flexibility, control, strength, and motor skills. Students learn how to work with their body to flip through the air and accomplish amazing tricks. Through learning balances and air technique, learners develop core strength which enables them to use their body as an apparatus. These energetic classes will enhance a dancer’s skill and core by providing the foundation necessary for today’s performance expectations.  Set in a fun and positive environment, these classes are rewarding and a great way to build self-confidence for any learner.

Tap Classes (Intro, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) - Tap is an American art form in which the dancer creates sound through rhythmic footwork. What could be more fun than making beats and music with your feet!The class require special shoes to create different rhythms and sounds. Great for developing coordination and skills. Dancers will work on developing musicality and counting music. The combination of percussive footwork and stylized upper body movement enhance students overall stage presence.

Musical Theater - Musical Theater class is for the triple threat performer.  Combining acting, singing, and dancing into this fun outgoing class will prepare students for character roles in theatrical dance performances. The dancers will have fun in this high energy class where they will learn some of their favorite routines from popular musicals. For example: High School Musical, Hairspray, Lion King, Footloose, and many more!  

Cheer - Our NCDA Cheerleaders will learn basic stunts, Tumbling, Jumps, Chants and a mix of Jazz Funk and Hip Hop choreography. Developing all of these skills will provide our cheerleaders with the tools to achieve their dreams of becoming a successful cheerleader on any school team or competitive squad.


In our youth program (ages 6 to 13) our dancers and acrobats are able to take class in any of the following techniques: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical,  Contemporary, Musical Theater, Cheer and Acro.  The levels within each technique start with an introduction to the basics, teaching each student the skills they need to progress through the program as they advance.  As your child progresses through our program, they will learn to master skills in a fun and positive learning environment. Classes are age and skill level appropriate. Youth classes will also be given the opportunity to showcase their routines at our yearly Recital Showcase!

Teen Adults

We are excited to offer a wide variety of Teen Adult classes for dancers High School age, College age, and beyond. Training is available in Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Leaps and Turns, Acro, and Tap. Each style is offered in a variety of skill levels with classes geared towards the recreational dancer as well as classes for the serious artist! All of these classes are drop-in welcome, meaning dancers may register for monthly classes or drop-in to take class when they can.  Although these classes are open, we do promote regular attendance because a smart dancer recognizes that consistency equals results. All classes are taught by highly trained working professionals. Our dedicated artistic staff will always be there to guide you when choosing which classes will best suit you with your current abilities.  Dancers training throughout our program often are accepted into prestigious College dance programs, develop professional dance careers in the commercial industry and concert world, and continue to have a deep rooted passion for the art of dance.

Group exercise

Group Exercise is all about fitness, fun, and body conditioning.  We are excited to offer a new and improved group fitness program for adults at our new location! Taught by experienced, highly trained instructors, these classes are motivating and produce results. Our instructors are passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals! We’ve got several weekly classes to choose from.  Some are fast paced, high-energy calorie burners, while others are focused more on anaerobic toning, shaping muscles, and flexibility.  For participants who commit to a regular and varied class schedule, results will be seen quickly in cardio endurance, muscle toning, flexibility, balance and core strength. Monthly membership discounts are available as well as single class rates.

Young Movers

Our Young Movers Program offers dance and tumbling classes for children ages 18 months to 5 years old.  These young dancers will develop a love for dance and acro while they are guided through basic exploration of motor skills, musicality, and technique, in a fun and creative learning environment.  Not only will our young movers gain skills like coordination and balance, but they will also develop early socialization skills such as sharing and taking turns, following directions, and cooperating. These weekly classes will help prepare our young movers for classes in our youth program.

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