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As a fiscal sponsored project of Dancer's Group, NCDA’s Teen Dance Collective's mission is to inspire the next generation of young artists through further advancing the dance education of its members by exposing the dancers to professional instructors and choreographers, thus developing technically proficient artists.  Additionally, The Collective strives to promote a deeper understanding of the cultural value of dance within the community by offering several performance venues and showcasing works by professional choreographers. 

NCDA is auditioning teen dancers of the bay area ages 14-19 to  create the new Bay Area Teen Dance Collective & Apprentice. As a member of the Collective dancers will be able to train and perform in such styles as Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, and Tap.  Each member will be given the unique opportunity to customize their training by choosing what specific styles of dance they want to focus on training and performing in. The Collective members will perform throughout the SF Bay Area, and be given opportunities to travel. The dancers will be encouraged to develop their technique and individual artistry so that they can achieve their goals in dance.  All members are given the opportunity to learn and perform pieces choreographed by top industry professionals. Together the Collective will train and perform as one of the most unique, and talented pre-professional teen companies of the Bay Area. They will create a new path for young dance artists to go for their dreams and fully discover their potential. Not only will they receive quality instruction in all styles by professionals, but the collective will also work with innovative choreographers and perform new works throughout the Bay Area and travel opportunities


Our juniors are a group of talented pre-teen dancers ages 10-14 who have displayed exceptional potential.  Auditions open year round. These dancers are selected through an audition process to train and perform in multiple styles of dance including ballet, contemporary/lyrical, jazz technique, hip hop, acrobatics. The juniors training program is modeled after that of The Teen Dance Collective and they will be given the opportunity to perform with The Teen Dance Collective in special pieces, concerts, and convention/competions. Once of age and technical and performance ability the dancers will have the opportunity to graduate to the The Teen Dance Collective.  As a member of the Posse or the Squad, dancers will receive special discounted rates for classes at NCDA. The juniors members will be taught the skills needed to grow as beautifully trained dancers and performers.  These dancers will be given

the opportunity to perform with The Collective.


The Mini Mob and the Mobsters are our audition only performance teams! These dancers will rehearse every week.  All members receive special discounted rates on weekly classes! Our Mob will perform at multiple venues/competitions. 

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